'Dance is the hidden language of the soul'



The Amber Andrews School of Dance offers the following classes:



Classical ballet is the foundation of dance, it helps develop strength, posture, co-ordination, muscle tone, balance and musical awareness.


Pre School/babies

Here we try to encourage the basic ballet skills in a fun, yet structured situation.  We teach a variety of dance movements in the form of play, which develops childrenís balance and co-ordination and encourage children to mix with others.  We want children to explore through music the joy of dance.  This class is designed for girls and boys from 2yrs.



Our wish is to provide, through the I.S.T.D. imperial ballet syllabus, a structured, yet imaginative and artistic situation.  Classes are for children who want to enjoy dancing, and at the same time progress through the examination system.  Although we strongly follow the principles of examinations they are not pre-requisite for advancement, and providing pupils have learnt sufficient to substantiate advancement to another grade they may do so without the formal examination.


Major Ballet

Classes are for students who have a love of dance and who may want to have a career in the performing arts.  Students must be focussed, be able to concentrate for long periods of time, and be able to welcome constructive comments and correction.


Tap Dance

We offer I.S.T.D tap classes from Pre-School to advanced 2.  Tap dancing is a rhythmical stimulating style of dance.  It encourages rhythm and co-ordination as well as providing very good exercise, and is available for all abilities.  Tap classes are a fun way of developing sense of rhythm.  Tap classes are vital for anyone wishing to become a professional performer.


Modern Theatre Dance

Modern is a great style for any dancer who wants to improve their dynamic quality and rhythm.  Modern dance is a mixture of different styles including jazz, blues, lyrical and contemporary.  Classes improve a childís sense of performance and are excellent for developing co-ordination, balance, style, and confidence, and helps keep the body toned and in peak physical condition.  At The Amber Andrews School of Dance we study the I.S.T.D syllabus which incorporates grades for the very young through to major examination s for students.



Jazz is all different styles of dance fused together.  Jazz gives students the chance to dance to free music and express themselves whilst learning to perform.  Children can progress through the bronze, silver and gold grades.



We try to encourage all children who attend modern classes to also attend the free limbering lesson.  This class works on strength and flexibility which are both essential to becoming an outstanding performer.


Adult Classes

We offer classes to adults in both tap and jazz, which are currently running at our Fareham and Rowner schools.


Our adult tappers are split into two classes which offer coaching at beginners and advanced levels. We aim to provide a fun atmosphere while learning to dance, and offer those who wish to take examinations the opportunity to progress through the adult level syllabus of the I.S.T.D.

Our adult jazz has recently started are we are looking to add a hip hop class very soon.


Menís Classes

We have a menís dance group who have participated in our school productions and local festivals very successfully, and enjoy learning different styles of dance from hip hop to break dance.