'dance as though no one is watching you'



Children's examinations have been devised to give a sense of achievement for children who dance for recreation, and children who may wish to make dance a career.  Grades from Pre-Primary upward progressively develop children's technical ability, giving them a sense of dance combined with a sense of natural grace and poise, whilst developing an appreciation of dance and its relationship to music.


Amber Andrews School of Dance encourages students to take examinations provided by the 'Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing' (I.S.T.D).  The child's teacher decides when a child is ready for an exam.  This is usually after four or five terms of study.  It is essential to have a good knowledge and understanding of the syllabus and additional coaching classes are provided before the examination to ensure the child is confident.  We are aware that, for various reasons, some children are unable to take examinations and these children are moved up to the next grade when appropriate.


Pupils can take exams from aged 5+.


Modern and Tap examination March 14th 2010